About Us

SippicanVillageSoup.com and Sippican Week comprise a 21st century media operation focused on the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester, Massachusetts.

Both newspaper and website have been designed to engage and inform the Sippican communities with focused, relevant reporting that reflects the diversity and vitality of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester. Together, they provide an attractive, affordable setting for local businesses, organizations, and community members to interact.

“Parent company” Beaver Dam Partners Inc. is owned and operated by long-time Wareham resident Anne Eisenmenger. Our staff consists of local residents who understand local businesses and the community.

Sippican Week, published weekly on Thursdays, is available free of charge at stores, restaurants and other public locations throughout Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester.

SippicanVillageSoup.com uses software and a business model developed, tested, and proven in Mid-Coast Maine (www.villagesoup.com). It is a community website, designed to feature professional journalism, community contributions and dialog, and a variety of multi-media projects.

Our office is at 163 Front St., Suite 205, Marion.

Interested in advertising? Please e-mail sales@sippicanweek.com or call Publisher Anne Eisenmenger at 508-717-9799.

Have a news tip, story idea or comment about editorial content? Contact Editor Matthew Bernat at 508-902-7024 or matthew@sippicanweek.com.

Or feel free to contact Publisher Anne Eisenmenger at 508-717-9799 or anne@sippicanweek.com about any aspect of the newspaper or website.