A clarification of Patrick's Candy Pantry permits

Jul 13, 2017

This letter is in response specifically to all the apprehensions and misunderstandings with regards to Patrick’s Candy Pantry located at the Rooney Barber Shop on Wareham Street. It is my hope, however, to put any misconceptions surrounding this matter to rest for all those concerned, which I understand is a great number.

In a way of background, when a building permit was issued in October of 2016 for the barber shop, no mention was made of a candy shop – a separate business entity. It was indicated that the adjacent room was to be office space, which is allowed because it was an accessory to the business that was pre-existing. Construction began, and during all inspections it was never disclosed that a candy shop and ice cream service were being established at this location.

During this past spring, landscaping was begun, along with site work. This concerned me as the town had no record of any site work being proposed. It was explained to me that the work just entailed landscaping and sprucing up the area, along with an area for picnic tables. The addition of this picnic table area would be subject to site plan review before the Planning Board, and this was explained to the project manager. At this time it was still not revealed that the adjacent room was to be a candy shop. During conversations and meetings between myself and then Planning Board chair Robert Lane, I explained the actions I had taken; allowing the landscaping to continue as long as there was no reduction to the number of parking space, and advising them to seek the advice of the Planning Board for the picnic tables.

Please let me be clear: It was not until after the final inspections of the barber shop and a Certificate of Completion was issued that the picnic tables and candy shop were introduced. This was a clear violation of the bylaws and needed to be addressed. While it was an arduous situation for me personally as well as the town’s, it was a situation that could not be ignored and was dealt with professionally and absolutely appropriately. I believe there was no malice on either parties part however there is a process that needs to be followed by all.

As Building Commissioner/Zoning Officer I am responsible for enforcing the bylaws that have been voted for by the residents of the town and I would be happy to meet with any members of the community who might have questions or concerns.




Scott C Shippey

Building Commissioner/Zoning Officer

Town of Marion


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