Basketball 'ambassadors' show off hoop hijinks

Apr 07, 2014
Photo by: Andrew Griffith A Harlem Ambassador clings to the rim during the a game that doubled as a fundraiser.

Mattapoisett — The Harlem Ambassadors dribbled, dunked and danced with residents in the Old Rochester Regional High School gym on Friday, April 4.

The team travels the country entertaining audiences with its fast-moving hoop hijinks. The for-profit company, composed of college graduates who are all drug free, helps community groups and organizations raise funds through their performances.

The Rochester and Mattapoisett Lions Clubs organized the game together and last brought the team to the gym in 2011.

“We donated $1,000 to the ORR district to fund programs to pay for fees for students who couldn’t afford the extracurricular fee,” said Mattapoisett Lions Club President Don Bamberger. “It’s really important to developing a well-rounded person.”

The Lions Club also donated money for elementary school classroom supplies.

Members of the Lions Clubs as well as teachers, aka the Tri-town Trotters, played against the Harlem Ambassadors, who always interact with the audience during their games.

“They have a real good program – stay in school, stay off of drugs,” said Bamberger.

Bamberger said all the funds hadn't been tallied yet, but he considered the event a success.

"As far as I’m concerned, it was as much a fun raising event as a fundraising event," he said. "The point wasn't necessarily to make money. If we did that would be gravy. The point was to provide good family-oriented entertainment for people in the area and that we accomplished wonderfully."

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