Bowlmor building condemned until roof is repaired

By Georgia Sparling | Feb 28, 2017
Courtesy of: Andy Bobola Supports hold up four trusses in Bowlmor. This photo was submitted to Building Inspector Andy Bobola by an engineer hired to inspect the structure.

Mattapoisett — Bowlmor is closed and a “condemned” sign has been posted on the door due to significant structural damage to the roof.

“Once we learned how bad things are, it was an absolute no-brainer,” said Mattapoisett Building Inspector Andy Bobola.

Of the eight trusses in the building’s arched ceiling, seven have failed, according to David Grandpré, an engineer employed to assess the damage.

In correspondence with Bobola, the engineer said the problems with the roof at 22 County Road caused the “exterior walls to bow outward.” The braces between the trusses are fractured and the roof dips where the “failure was most severe,” according to Grandpré.

The property is owned by Sue Penta, Angelo Paolini and Michael Penta, who live in the Newton area and who apparently were unaware of problems with the roof until about a month ago. Neil Macedo runs Bowlmor and leases the space from the trio. He was unable to be reached for comment.

In a phone interview on Tuesday, Paolini said he wasn’t sure the extent of the problem but expected to visit the property that day.

“I’m just the landlord,” he said. “I haven’t been in touch with the tenant.”

Sue Penta, who was also reached by phone, said, “It was definitely a surprise to us, but I’m thinking that it probably happened with the severe snowstorm we had two years ago.”

She said the owners would have addressed the issue sooner if they’d known about it.

Before the town closed the building, temporary wooden support beams were installed under five trusses in Lane 6 of the bowling alley. The town deemed the structure unsafe on Feb. 8.

A senior citizen bowling group used the space as late as Feb. 2, and Bobola said the day before it closed around 30 people occupied the space for a party.

“I’m extremely grateful nobody got hurt,” Bobola said.

He said the closure was necessary.

“The last thing I ever want to do is affect somebody’s livelihood. I don’t do that lightly. It had to be done,” he said.

Both Sue Penta and Paolini said the repairs would be made and Bowlmor would reopen. The extent of the repairs is not known yet, but the owners are hiring a structural engineer to evaluate the building. Once a plan is made, the owners will have to submit it to the town for approval before work can begin.

The adjacent Ying Dynasty, which is also part of the building, will remain open, but Sue Penta said two support columns will be added this week to maintain its structural integrity.

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