Clarifying Marion's wastewater upgrades

May 14, 2017

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on the article: “$1.9 Million Approved for Wastewater Plant Upgrades” in the May 11, 2017 edition of Sippican Week. Regarding the frustrations voiced that the entire town voted on budgetary items that only effect the people hooked into the sewerage lines, here are some facts retrieved from the Assessor’s Office and Department of Public Works.

· 3734 properties are listed in Marion.

· 376 properties are exempt from taxes.

· 1648 dwellings are tied into the sewerage lines.

· Approximately 40 of the Marion municipal buildings are tied into the sewerage lines (1608 dwellings are responsible to cover those water and sewerage costs).

· Approximately 2000 dwellings are on septic systems and do not share in the water and sewerage costs at the municipal buildings.

There are two concerns:

1. The cost of the water and sewerage at the town municipal buildings should be shared by the entire town and not just absorbed by those currently tied into the sewerage line.

2. Of the 2000 dwellings in Marion on a septic system, why are the residents in those dwellings that live and vote in Marion allowed to vote on items in the warrant that pertain to sewerage when they do not pay for those items?

The cost of water and sewerage in Marion is already expensive. The $2.9 million operating budget and the $1.9 wastewater upgrade accounts for approximately 22% of Marion’s $22 million operating budget for fiscal year 2018 and is to be funded by the 1608 dwellings tied into the sewerage system. From what has been stated at previous public meetings, Marion had the second highest water and sewerage rates in the Commonwealth. There are costs on the horizon that could reach $28 million for which the 1608 dwellings on sewerage would be solely responsible. This will certainly push Marion well into first place!

James Meere


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Posted by: Chris Collings | May 15, 2017 14:21

The enterprise fund - set up in 2002 - charges user fees. Those fees are supposed to cover maintenance & upgrades


The enterprise was was a bad idea then - and is a really bad idea now.

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