Community, creativity come together at library Lego Club

By Andrea Ray | Oct 11, 2017
Photo by: Andrea Ray Lego Club participant Xavier Monteiro is hard at work on his latest Lego design.

Marion — It's a Tuesday afternoon. In the children's room of the Elizabeth Taber Library, there's a pile of Legos on the floor. The library's Lego Club is in full swing, as students who've left school are immersed in building their own creations.

"We started the program last year," said Liz Russell, who works part-time at the Taber Library. She's overseeing the group of children, who are spending their time picking out the perfect Lego bricks while questioning whether or not "Star Wars" is just a rip-off of Star Trek. ("It definitely is!")

Russell explains that when the club was started, she and the other library staff members had planned on offering timed challenges and building instructions. "Eventually, though, this is what it turned into," she adds, nodding to the group. The students are busy building whatever it is they've put their mind to; one has a Pokemon book spread on the floor as a guide.

"We were running the Lego club once a month over the last school year," Russell explained. "This year we decided to switch it to every other Tuesday. We'd do it more often if we could. It's a great way for kids to socialize and play together, particularly only children."

"And," she adds as Lego bricks clink behind her, "it's great for them to have an hour to blow off steam after school."

The Lego Club meets every other Tuesday after school is done, from 3-4 p.m. Children aged 8 and above are welcome. Registration at the library is required to participate. Call the library at 508-748-1252 to register.

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