Community made Halloween Parade a success

Nov 06, 2017
Courtesy of: Mattapoisett Police Department Scariest Costume winners Freemin Bauer, Nathen Dubec and Chase Besancon.

To the Editor:

The Mattapoisett Police Department would like to thank the business owners and members of the public who so generously donated to the Mattapoisett Police Halloween Fund. This long-standing tradition could not take place without the cooperation, participation and generosity of our community members.

The Halloween Parade has evolved over the past 70 years, beginning as a bicycle safety parade where children decorated the bicycles and competed in a bike rodeo. Mattapoisett Police Chief Alden Kinney organized the event and Chief Kinney’s family recently donated film of those early years to our department. The film has been converted to digital and is now available for your enjoyment on our Mattapoisett Police Department Facebook page and our website

Thank You for Your Support,

Chief Mary R. Lyons

Brinley Carver Roberts (hippie), Ethan Lorenco (porcupine) and Charlotte Dubeau (surfer girl) won the pre-school and kindergarten costume division. (Courtesy of: Mattapoisett Police Department)
MJ Picererno (pirate mate), Charlie Higgins, Cole Higgins, Teddy Sanders and Nolen Cameron (Patriots) and Genevieve Hebert (Madeline) won the first and second grade costume division. (Courtesy of: Mattapoisett Police Department)
Kyle Cameron and Noah Eagle (hot dogs), Anya Walker (fire girl) and Noah Robert (head in a jar) won the third and fourth-grade costume division. (Courtesy of: Mattapoisett Police Department)
Elise Casi (blue monster), Jenna Lynch and Hannah Eten (Thing 1 & Thing 2), and Ava Jackson (Claw Machine) the winners of the fifth and sixth-grade contest. (Courtesy of: Mattapoisett Police Department)
Ben Preese (boy in the box), Adain Harrington (unicorn) and Joshua Simpson (cowboy) won the junior high and high school costume division. (Courtesy of: Mattapoisett Police Department)
Jodi Bauer (witch), the Gleson family (Joe, Krystal, Taylor and Chloe as people from the future) and Lauren Dubuc as the Tin Woman won the adult division. (Courtesy of: Mattapoisett Police Department)
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