Decas gets OK to fill in over-excavated pond

By Tanner Harding | Apr 04, 2017

Rochester — Decas Cranberry Products Inc. and the Conservation Commission have finally come to an agreement to get the over-excavated pond filled in and the dewatering pumps turned off.

After over-excavating the depth of the permitted pond by eight feet, Decas was issued a cease and desist in January, and has been working to get an amended order of conditions to fix the problem ever since.

At Tuesday night’s meeting it was agreed that Decas would push the stockpiles of fill still on the property back into the hole, mainly on the eastern end of the hole. While there are other areas of the pond that are deeper than that eastern part, it would be too dangerous to put heavy machinery in there.

Decas and the commission also agreed upon a number of special conditions, including getting two groundwater monitoring wells to establish a baseline for the groundwater and monitor changes in its levels throughout the next year. Decas will pay for the pumps and the hydrogeologist consultant to monitor them. The consultant will also provide a final assessment at the end of the year that includes any effect the bog pond has on Snow’s Pond.

It was also agreed upon that the wide-track bulldozer used in the pond must use biofluids to protect the water from any leaks or accidents.

Additionally, commission members requested that there be a full-time supervisor on site at all times to observe, and the supervisor must either be G.A.F. Engineering project engineer Brian Grady or G.A.F.’s professional engineer Bill Madden.

Decas attorney Adam Brodsky said the actual filling in of the pond could be done in four or five days, and they would get started as soon as they could. The commission has 21 days to file the permit and then there is a 10-day appeal period before work can start.

“We will be ready to start on day one,” Brodsky assured residents.

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