Experience counts in Marion's election

Apr 19, 2017

To the Editor:

Marion is confronting many complex challenges, yet; the Town is fortunate to have a Select Board candidate with a first-rate mind, integrity and pertinent government experience—Norman Hills. Mr. Hills’ unselfish and persistent service to the Marion community has provided him with a tangential view of the issues and significant hands-on experience.

For the past three years, Mr. Hills is the only candidate for Select Board who has attended Citizen Planning Training Collaborative workshops that empower land use officials to make effective and legally defensible decisions in the areas of development, transportation, natural resources and the environment.

Mr. Hills is an active Planning Board Master Planning Subcommittee member who prepares diligently for all meetings and makes meaningful contributions. He is a thoughtful contributing member of the Energy Management Committee and Conservation Commission.

Being a former member and Chair of the Capital Planning Committee, Mr. Hills has a solid understanding of the process of budgeting resources for the future of the Town and its long-term plans, that is, budgeting for new and replacement machinery, development and other major capital expenditures.

Serving on Marion’s Community Preservation Committee, Norm Hills had an opportunity to study the needs, possibilities and resources of the Town concerning community preservation.

Experience counts. Norm Hills took the time to understand the issues while building a strong foundation through his many years of selfless volunteering on various committees; this assiduous preparation makes Norm Hills the most qualified candidate for Marion’s Select Board.


Eileen J. Marum


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Posted by: Ted North | Apr 20, 2017 09:33

Marion’s municipal governance practices are moving in a toxic direction for our small community.

Marion votes must choose their candidates wisely. There is no statutory right of recall for an elected official. Recall may only be accomplished by the terms of a town bylaw. Marion does not have a recall bylaw and should have one as do many communities

Marion has no bylaw restrictions on Town employee serving on boards nor limitations on how many appointed boards an individual may serve. May communities have such restrictions reducing conflicts of interests not covered by the narrower state conflicts statues. Its good public policy to limit small town consolidation of power and board conflicts.

Marion needs to adopt such bylaws reflecting sound municipal governance practices.

Ted North, Marion

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