Fond memories of Rochester's 'unofficial mascot'

By Andrea Ray | Aug 31, 2017
Photo by: David Neitz

Rochester — Though Libby, Rochester's unofficial horse mascot, passed away on August 30, the memories that thousands of parents, children and grandchildren have with her remain.

Libby belonged to the Charon family of Neck Road in Rochester. She was a permanent fixture on the road, often found peering out of her barn or grazing. For many people, it seemed like the horse had always been there.

Indeed, Libby lived on the farm for a quarter-century. She arrived on Neck Road 25 years ago, at the age of 14. The Charons purchased her from Chipaway Stables, on Quaker Lane . "My daughter was looking at another horse, and she saw Libby and just loved her," Joanne Charon explained.

Libby was, according to best guess, a summer camp horse before she arrived at Chipaway. In horseman's terms, she was "bombproof," meaning she was completely unflappable. She remained the Charon family's riding horse for many years, but spent the last several years of her life retired from riding. "She had a good life, she was loved," Joanne Charon said.

That "good life" included love from Richard Charon, the man who cared for her and "loved her very much," according to daughter Jessica Charon. It also included more time in the limelight—Libby was featured as the background of a First Citizens bank card several years ago.

She also received endless treats and petting from area children. Some parents, according to Joanne Charon, had visited Libby as kids, and brought their own children to see her. Some people just stopped to say hello, excited to see a horse so close to the road.

Libby was never one to turn down a treat, or attention. "She knew when dinner was," Charon said. "You could hear her whinnying from the house."

Libby lived to age 37; while horses can live into their 30s, reaching such an age is an accomplishment, and Libby did it in style. A photo of her at 36 shows her cheerful and bright-eyed.

"Everyone loved her, and she was a great horse," Charon said fondly.

Libby in 1998, around age 18. (Courtesy of: Jessica Charon)
Libby in 2016 (aged 36) with doting caretaker Richard Charon. (Photo by: David Neitz)
(Photo by: David Neitz)
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