Friends Academy Taps Seth Garfield's Knowledge for All Weather Friends Nature School...

By Friends Academy | Sep 01, 2017
FA's Resident Salty Dog...

All Weather Friends is a Nature School designed for children aged 7-14. Independent Learners enjoy the beauty and wide open space on Friends Academy's 65 acres of pristine wilderness! Ample time for personal exploration and free play, artfully balanced by an (optional) in-depth, nature-challenge experience! Nature-study and mindfulness activities culminate in the group's picnic lunch...

Seth Garfield guides the children over trails and pastures to the Paskamanset River, in rain, snow or sun. His personal values of creativity, perseverance and good old fashioned ingenuity shine through in his personality.

Having earned his Masters in Emergency Management from the MA Maritime Academy and a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Seth’s body and breadth of nature know-how truly knows no bounds!

Seth is a proponent of progressive education who has been employed in various capacities at the Wheeler School and Friends Academy for the past 26 years as a science teacher and coach. Former Dean of Students and Aquaculture Coordinator for the Northeast Maritime Institute and Owner/operator of Cuttyhunk Oysters, an offshore Aquaculture Farm involved in shore to table distribution, he was founding member of the Coalition for Buzzards Bay and Board President (from 92’-94’ and 98’-2000).

Seth is a Certified Naui Scuba Diver and First Responder. As the EMT and Fire Chief of Cuttyhunk Island, Emergency Manager for the town of Gosnold and in the US Coast Guard Reserves, the Nature School wilderness adventurers are in good hands!


Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 9:15am-12:30pm.

$60 Per day for the year (savings of up to $590!)

$70 Per day in seasonal blocks


Register for All Weather Friends Nature School with this link:

Email for more info.

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