Ghosts of the Borden house

By Tanner Harding | Oct 12, 2016
Photo by: Tanner Harding

Mattapoisett — Do you believe in ghosts? Tim Weisberg, the host of radio show Spooky Southcoast, visited the Mattapoisett Library on Tuesday night to share his stories of paranormal activity.

Weisberg’s stories focused on his time exploring the Borden house in Fall River. The house is the site of the infamous murders of Andrew and Abby Borden, in which Andrew’s daughter Lizzie was the only person ever tried for the crime.

There was never enough evidence to convict Lizzie for the crime, but there were never any other suspects either. There are a couple popular theories about why Lizzie would have committed this “crime of passion,” as Weisberg called it.

One is that she was bitter that her wealthy but frugal father forced her family to live below their means, when she wanted to live among the elite. Another is that the relationship between Lizzie and her father was always suspicious. However, Weisberg thinks it could be something different all together.

“I think the house might have something more evil going on,” he said.

Weisberg did share the types of stories you would expect from a paranormal investigator in a “haunted” house — orbs in photos, possible voices on tape, cold air and high electromagnetic levels indicating a spirit — but he also shared his theory on why such strange things happen in that house. And it’s not because of the Borden murders.

“My theory is that there’s something negative on that property that pre-dates the Bordens,” he said. “You know how some places just feel good and feel right? There’s got to be some places that are just evil. Native Americans wouldn’t settle in Fall River despite the fact that it’s on the Taunton River.”

His theory is prompted by an experience he had in the basement of the Borden home. He saw what he described as a “shadow person.” Not a ghost, but an “entity that is a solid black mass in the shape of a person.”

He says he chased this shadow person from room to room in the basement for close to an hour, and that is made him nervous because he doesn’t believe it’s human or a human spirit. He describes it as “elemental.” It’s something evil that just exists as part of the universe.

Weisberg thinks that this evil entity on the Borden property feeds off of negativity. So whether it’s what caused the murders or it just “fed” off of them, that entity is what he believes is the cause of the spooky things that happen there.

Don’t believe him? Check it out for yourself. The Borden house, now a bed and breakfast, has tours available every day from 11-3 p.m. For more information go to

For more ghost stories from Weisberg, listen to Spooky Southcoast Saturday nights at 10 p.m. on WBSM 1420 AM or at

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