Kermit, Tigger and friends join in the Pan-Mass Challenge

By Andrea Ray | Aug 06, 2017
Photo by: Andrea Ray Two angels take a quick water break on Neck Road.

Rochester — Riders in the 38th annual Pan-Mass Challenge pedaled through Rochester again on August 5 and 6, and brought with them some old friends.

Along for the ride were friends like Kermit the frog (out for a kayak), Tigger and Mater the tow truck. A group of crabs, sharks and dinosaurs also showed up to lend some support. Even stick figures and orange safety cones got in on the act.

They were of course, gracing the helmets of some of the 6,200 riders in this year's Pan-Mass Challenge. A portion of those riders traveled through Rochester on Saturday and Sunday, traveling from either Wellesley or Sturbridge to Bourne or Provincetown.

Cyclists in the Pan-Mass Challenge travel from more than 40 states and seven countries, according to the Challenge's website ( The website also states that the average Pan-Mass Challenge cyclist is 45 years old, trains for three months, solicits 40 sponsors and raises more than $7,000.

Old Hammondtown teacher Kyle Letendre reported fantastic weather for his first ride, on Sunday. "It was absolutely wonderful," he said via email. "I've been able to help raise $1,905 for Dana-Farber. I can't wait to do it again next year and I have already been brainstorming ideas to reach a higher goal for fundraising dollars and mileage."

Kermit, Tigger, Mater and company (and of course the riders they belong to) are on a mission to raise $48 million in donations in 2017. All donations will support patient care and cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

If successful, the donation will mark $595 million total in donations raised for Dana Farber by the Pan-Mass Challenge since its founding in 1980.

The current total amount of donations raised by the Pan-Mass Challenge in 2017, as of Tuesday, August 8, was $37.8 million.



Following the 'Mohawk Trail!' (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
(Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Can you hear the "Jaws" theme? "Da na...da na..." (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
This reindeer traveled all the way from the North Pole to join in the challenge. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
(Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Mater the tow truck, Lady Liberty, and a few crabs joined in the fun. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Even these stick figures were having a great time. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
"Rubber ducky, you're the one..." (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
"Party time! Excellent!" (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
This refined gentle-bear managed to keep his bowler hat for the entire ride. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
No traffic hazards here, but orange safety cones are always helpful. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
A whole herd of Kermits! (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
It's easy being green: This Kermit was so relaxed, he decided to go for a kayak spin in the middle of the ride. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Well Vikings are known for conquering. A 100-mile bike ride should be a cake walk. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Even the dinosaurs want to chip in. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
(Photo by: Andrea Ray)
"T-I-double 'guh'-er, that spells Tigger!" (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
(Photo by: Andrea Ray)
(Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Flowers are always a nice touch. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
A rare unicorn sighting, found on Neck Road. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
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