Lost bird returns home to Mayberry...er, Marion

By Andrea Ray | May 12, 2017
Courtesy of: Dave Cederlund

Marion — Dylan the cockatiel is home safe in Marion, after a feather-ruffling adventure.

Dylan went missing on Thursday May 11, when a clanging pan frightened him and he flew out the door. Owner Dave Cederlund reported that Dylan probably would have returned - but then a cardinal began chasing him.

Cardinals can be aggressive when defending their territory, to Dylan's detriment. Cederlund guessed at the time that Dylan was far enough away to make the path home a little fuzzy.

Temperatures at the time were fairly cool for a cockatiel, and to make things worse, Dylan's wings are mostly clipped. Cederlund, who had placed "lost bird" signs through Marion, was nervous.

Dylan's excellent musical taste (he's a fan of the "Andy Griffith Show" theme tune) translated into good luck, though. As he perched on a feeder at Rose Point, in Wareham, the owner of the property noticed him and brought him inside for the next two days. She posted her own signs about a "found bird," looking to locate Dylan's owner.

One local saw both signs, put two and two together, and Cederlund and Dylan were quickly reunited.

"He was a little shocked after his ordeal, but he was well taken care of and looks perfect," Cederlund reported.




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