'Mane' event reins in a crowd at Sippican Healthcare

By Andrea Ray | May 19, 2017
Photo by: Andrea Ray Hay, wait a minute! Cricket the miniature pony thinks Barbara Hill's novel is worth a second look.

Marion — Sippican Healthcare Center knows how to hoof it in style.

Three horses came to visit the residents of the healthcare center on Friday, to the delight of nearly everyone seated on the patio. Memphis, Cricket and Jon (short for Jon Bon Jovi, by the way) made the rounds of the patio snapping up choice carrot pieces from residents, who beamed.

"We always had horses, I rode for most of my life," said temporary resident Margie Medeiros as she stroked Memphis' nose and fed him carrots. "Seeing them makes me miss them."

Resident Barbara Hill took a moment to feed Cricket, a miniature pony, who then eagerly inquired as to which book she was reading.

Smiles were all around on the patio as the horses passed by. "They've been looking forward to this for weeks," said Roseanne Moniz, who brought the horses. Her mother, Ethel, is a resident at the facility, and part of how Moniz initially dreamed up the visit.

"Before she was here, my mother always used to come to the barn with me," she explained. "She loves to talk about the horses, she loved to be near them, and I always wished there was a way to bring them to the healthcare center. I mentioned it one day and Anne [Bishop-O'Connell, the Director of Activities at Sippican Healthcare] told me to bring them over."

Moniz rode Jon for the residents as Cricket's owner Scott Lorraine put him through his paces in a small cart. Memphis made sure to meet up with residents indoors as he peered through the windows facing the patio.

As the horses wrapped up, several residents thanked Moniz for her time and told her how grateful they were for bringing the horses over.

"We always encourage things like this," said O'Connell. "We're pet friendly, and the residents love being able to see the horses."

Cricket the mini pony and owner Scott Lorraine take a spin around the outdoor patio at Sippican Healthcare center. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Margie Medeiros says hello to Memphis. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Memphis makes sure that nobody who remained indoors would miss out! (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
"Are you talking to me?" asks Cricket the miniature pony. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
Sippican resident Ethel Moniz came prepared, complete with pink cowboy hat and tiara. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
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