Marion needs proven leadership

May 01, 2017

To the Editor,

I have recently read many positive comments on Norman Hills, candidate for selectman. They have looked favorably on his proven experience in town government matters and proven experience in the Navy at sea, as a manager, and his engineering background.

I want to add a few more favorable comments based on my experience as a colleague and friend of Norm. I have seen him work graciously and effectively as president of a local science based group steering us for several years from meeting to meeting, introducing visiting speakers, radiating our policy of acceptance and the desire to seek knowledge. I have sailed with him aboard my small yacht, CURLEW, in the Canadian Maritimes in good and foul weather. He has been a steady and reliable shipmate. I rank him very highly in these areas. He is a realist who can get a job done.

Marion needs proven leadership at this critical time of tightening budgets and more challenging projects. I am concerned that the other candidates lack proven experience. Even though they are all nice and willing people they will be seriously limited when they are introduced to the myriad of problems which our Town faces. They will spend their first year in bewilderment, they will start understanding the system the second year, and become effective during their last year. Norm will be immediately effective and play a leadership role. We must start looking at the Town as a business and set priorities. We have been wasting considerable funds doing building studies when we know there are higher priorities in infrastructure. I am convinced that Norm has what it takes to lead us forward and work effectively with the other selectmen and members of government. I hope you will vote for him.

Thank you.

Edward C. Brainard II



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Posted by: Ted North | May 02, 2017 12:57

Yet again another letter from the Norm Hill’s Special Interest promotional group. This tight knit group of arrogant and self-righteous liberals thinks of nothing more than spending your tax dollars on their special interest projects; telling you how to run your life, and control and regulate how you manage your property.

This is the group that initiated the $28 million town house library, and senior center project.

It’s the group that will soon be asking for $100,000 to fund a growing fleet of expensive electric cars while recycling the Town’s decommissioned police cars already paid for has proven to be cost-effective fleet management; a program they seek to disband.

It’s the group that crammed down zoning allowing industrial commercial solar farm development in residential neighborhoods. The group advocated building a 600-ft. wind turbine on Grate Hill that would have decimated some of the most scenic and valuable property in Marion and on the South Cost.

This is the group that keeps pushing the Green Communities program. Marion will be required to adopt very strict and expensive building codes that will add significant cost to construction and any remodeling projects you undertake on your home.

This is the group that will hijack the Master Plan and insert illusory, non-definable and non-effective and expensive “sustainability” objectives and regulation; notwithstanding whatever “sustainability” is supposed to mean.

This is the group that will start the Town sewer war by pushing the cost of the waste water treatment plant upgrades to the non-sewer users.

This group is the ultimate tax and spend group who are only too happy to regulate your life and burden your property rights. This group’s political credo is “Mother Knows Best “or “My Way or The Highway”. This group is toxic to the health and welfare of Marion.

This group and Norm Hills does not represent or reflect the Marion most of us know and seek to protect.

Norm Hills is this groups majordomo to be elected to implement their plans, programs and policies. Hills was a government defense contractor program manager; job responsibilities consisting of bureaucratic government paper pushing and following voluminous rules contained in government procurement manuals and contracts. He has been well trained by his experience to follow the direction of others.

Norm Hills management style is exemplified by his obstructionists Planning Board behavior. His record of regulatory dictator on the Conservation Commission is complete.

It’s time for the Marion majority to stand up and vote to protect our Town from the group suffering from chronic self-righteous special interest agendas.

Ted North, Marion

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