Medals for mettle at Senior Awards Night

By Andrea Ray | Jun 01, 2018
Photo by: Andrea Ray Seniors Rachel Demmer and Madisen Martin smile as award night opened—they would both come away with honors.

Mattapoisett — Old Rochester Regional High School senior Evan Tilley collected a slew of medals, merits and honors during the high school's Senior Awards Night on May 31, coming out as the top student in several departments.

"I get to make my joke about TSA agents here," said Old Rochester Principal Mike Devoll, after Tilley was given the Language Department's overall Latin award, the English Department's overall award, and the Science, Engineering and Technology overall award. "You wouldn't want to be standing behind him at an airport with all that metal."

The audience groaned at his joke—then Tilley received the Social Studies department award as well.

"You like my joke better now, don't you?" Devoll teased.

Tilley also received certificates of excellence for Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Honors Chemistry, Advanced Placement Psychology, Global Issues and Honors Local History, amongst other awards.

Awards night was plagued by sound issues, as the microphone used by Devoll and other speakers chose to cut out frequently. "You can't make this up," Devoll said as he worked several times to bring the sound back.

Athletic Director Bill Tilden made the best of the situation, addressing the audience loudly. Tilden handed out the Athletic Department awards, but before he did so, he noted several excellent students within the class, like Tanner Figuerido.

"Tanner, he must be my biggest fan," Tilden joked. "He definitely liked a girl on the basketball team, because he was at every single girls' basketball game."

He searched the assembled seniors for a moment. "Where's Zach Kelly? Get up here Zach, you're funny."

He then had Kelly lead the seniors through their own cheer.

Other notable winners at Awards Night were Sam Pasquill and Lindsey Merolla.

Pasquill received certificates of excellence for Advanced Placement Spanish, Advanced Placement Biology, Honors Economics, and Excellence in the Mass Olympiad, a state-wide math examination.

Merolla, meanwhile, received certificates of excellence for receiving a designation of "magna cum laude" on the National Latin Examination, as well as for Honors Latin 5, Advanced Placement English and Drawing. She also received a Gold Presidential Award for completing community service hours.


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