New candidates join Marion's selectmen, Planning Board races

By Andrea Ray | Mar 22, 2018

Marion — Marion's election field is set, as nominations closed on March 26. The only races are for a one-year term on the Board of Selectmen and for a seat on the Board of assessors.

Joe Zora has pulled papers for the one-year Board of Selectmen term, left vacant by the resignation of Steve Gonsalves. Zora joins fellow one-year term hopefuls W. Dale Jones, John Waterman and Michelle Ouellette Smith.

Resident Randy Parker is the only candidate for the three-year Board of Selectmen term currently held by Jody Dickerson, who stated he would be be running to keep his seat.

The only other current race is for a seat on the Board of Assessors; incumbent Ray Pickles, also the Town Clerk, will face off against George 'TJ' Walker for the lone three-year slot. Both candidates have returned their papers.

In Marion's Planning Board race, newcomer Kristen St.Don-Campbell has taken out papers to run for a three-year term currently held by outgoing member Jennifer Francis. St.Don-Campbell is the only one who pulled papers for the seat.

New Marion School Committee member April Rios returned papers to fill a three-year term that is currently held by David McDonald. Ouellette Smith has also taken out papers to return to her own seat on the School Committee.

Planning Board incumbent Andrew Daniels, seeking to return to his chair, is currently the only candidate running for his position.


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Posted by: Chris Collings | Mar 25, 2018 07:06

Its time for all the citizens of Marion to vote and make final and lasting decisions.

A lot has been said about the Town house, and plenty of renovation plans have been offered. Early ideas had costs above 20 million dollars and today we have seen proposals as low as 9 million (& interest).
A lot has been done to limit and marginalize opposing opinions and views.  Personally, I am frustrated by the shenanigans.  For a town with so many “smart people” we don’t seem to act like it.

The conundrum we should all be looking at is - how do we finance a Town House project along with all the other projects, costs and expenses we know are coming.  Sewer, streets, bike paths.  Everyone has a favorite.

Lots of plans to spend but too few ideas on how to pay for all of this.  Maybe we can’t do everything we want?  Maybe we need to get real about the difference between WANT & NEED.  We need a Town House solution, some want an expensive restoration, but we probably can’t afford either the restoration or the new construction when those costs are placed along side all our other capital expenses.

There are other options available for Marion citizens gasping for air and fearful of huge tax increases.  Concerned Marion citizens have added through petition several measure to vote on at our coming Special meeting.

Marion citizens can vote on two important measures:
1) Voters can approve a formal Building Maintenance fund - this will be the first time Marion will have a dedicated fund for building repairs.
2) Voters will be asked to limit the practice of individuals sitting on multiple town boards - we need everyone to pitch in here.  The best solutions are available when as more of us participate.

Its time to make decisions and its time for every one to vote.  Too often the voter turn out is a fraction of the town, which is a crying shame when you think of how fortunate we all are to have these opportunities to express our selves.  This time the results could cost a lot of money - so no excuses - come out and vote!

Chris Collings
Marion, MA

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