Properly Dispose of Unwanted Firearms - and Earn $ !

By Bachant Builders | May 03, 2012

Welcome to Gun Orphanage

Gun Orphanage is a separate division of Bachant’s Gun Shop, a registered Class 2 manufacturer and wholesaler of guns, parts and accessories.

What is Gun Orphanage? Simply put – Send us guns and parts and we will send you a check!

Many households have unwanted firearms and firearms parts that may have belonged to yourself or family members – and you have no means of properly and legally removing these from your home — let Gun Orphanage take this worry and responsibility from you and earn you some cash as well.

This is an excellent way to dispose of your unwanted firearms, get paid and be sure they will be sold through appropriate channels. The only other good alternative is dropping them off at the police station but you won’t earn cash on that donation.

What we Accept
We accept anything from .22′s to machine guns – from modern to antique. We do not accept loaded guns or ammunition.

Whether you have 1 gun or 100 we are always interested.  Give us a call -- 774-263-3134.  Always happy to meet you in your home and take a look at what you have to sell.

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