Selectmen did not listen to residents

Nov 07, 2011

Mattapoisett — On November 1, 2011 the Board of Selectmen held a public hearing to review the revised Waterfront Management Plan and the proposed rules and regulations. The results of the hearing were, in a word, extraordinary. Not extraordinary in a wonderful way, but extraordinary in the realization that the selectmen have the power to do whatever they please, and they intend to do so.

This past summer, the Marine Advisory Board, at the request of the Selectmen, took a huge amount of time to meet with the people that use Mattapoisett waters. Over 350 of you told the Board how you play, swim, fish, shellfish and otherwise enjoy the waters of the town. Over 350 of you told the Board that you wanted the waters to remain open for the public to use. The Board listened carefully, and then painstakingly developed a new Waterfront Management Plan.

Once the Board completed the Waterfront Management Plan, the Selectmen asked the public to voice their opinion as to whether the Selectmen should accept the revised Waterfront Management Plan as written or not. Again, the public overwhelmingly said that they approved of the plan as written, and it should be accepted by the Selectmen.

The selectmen did not listen. At the hearing on Nov. 1, Jordan Collyer and Tyler Macallister both clearly stated that they felt that all Mattapoisett waters should be open to potential aquaculture. They stated that aquaculture applicants should be able to apply to use any of the town waters, and that each application should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The proposed rules and regulations were presented to the Selectmen in early spring. Again, they asked the public for input. Overwhelmingly, the public told the selectmen that they should accept the proposed rules and regulation as written. Overwhelmingly, the public specifically stated that the selectmen should approve Rule 5.3 regarding minimum depth requirements for aquaculture licenses: No licensed area shall be allowed in less than six feet of water at mean low tide, as depicted by the one fathom line as indicated by the current NOAA survey soundings.

The selectmen did not listen. At the hearing on Nov. 1, Jordan Collyer and Tyler Macallister clearly stated that they have never been in favor of minimum depth rule, and that they will not vote to approve it.

The Ad-hoc Study Committee and the Marine Advisory Board have done what the selectmen asked them to do.

You have done what the selectmen asked you to do. You participated in the process and you provided feedback when the selectmen asked you to.

The selectmen made it clear on November 1 that they do not intend to do what you asked them to do. They made it clear that they will not accept the minimum depth rule, the proposed rules and regulations as written, and they will not accept the Waterfront Management Plan as written.

What can you do?

Write to the Selectmen!

You have told them that you want them to accept the minimum depth rule as written.

You have told them that you want them to accept the rules and regulations.

You have told them to accept the revised Waterfront Management Plan.

Tell them again! They need to be reminded that their personal opinion does not override the will of the people.

Write or fax them a letter letting them know how you feel.

Town of Mattapoisett
Attention: Paul Silva, Chairman Board of Selectmen
16 Main Street
PO Box 435
Mattapoisett, MA 02739

FAX: 508-758-3030


If you send your letter via email, please ask that a confirmation of receipt be emailed back to you. Emails and feedback to the town have, in the past, ended up in the town administrator’s spam and trash box without ever being read or acknowledged.

The Selectmen will let the public know their final decision regarding the rules and regulations and the waterfront management plan during the last Selectmen meeting this month. Let them know that they were elected to listen to the public and to serve the will of the public.

This is your last chance to have a voice on this issue!


Concerned citizens of Mattapoisett

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