The candidates for Rochester's election are...

By Tanner Harding | Mar 01, 2017

Rochester — The Rochester election will see a three-way race for Selectman this year.

Current Selectman Richard Nunes’ term is up, and he is running for re-election against for Woody Hartley and Ben Bailey.

Hartley ran two years ago but after losing decided to give it another shot.

“I believe the town could use some new leadership,” he said. “The board hasn’t had a new member in fifteen years.”

He also believes that the town could benefit from more long-term planning.

“We have had a very stagnant ability to do anything with our budget, every department is told there’s no extra money,” Hartley said. “We need to find a way to do better planning.”

He previously served for 15 years as the town moderator and is a current member of the Council on Aging board, and Hartley believes he has the knowledge to help the town.

“I really think it’s time that we had some new leadership, and I bring some experience and leadership,” Hartley said.

Incumbent Richard Nunes wants to run again to continue to try to make Rochester affordable for working families and senior citizens.

“I want to keep taxes low and maintain a small town government,” he said.

Nunes has held the Selectman position for five terms and believes this experience is what sets him apart from other candidates.

“It’s so easy for someone new to come in that doesn’t know what’s been going on,” he said. “As they say, it’s hard to know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. People run for office but they don’t know where the town has been or what’s been going on.”

Bailey is currently a member of the Planning Board.

Also of note, no one is running for Rochester’s seat on the Old Rochester Regional School Committee, so Town Clerk Naida Parker said it will be a write-in vote.

The election is April 12.

The complete list of candidates is as follows: For Selectman position, three year term, Richard Nunes, Woody Hartley and Ben Bailey; for tax collector, three year term, Beatrice Renauld.; for town clerk, three year term, Naida Parker; for herring inspector, three year term, William Watling; for Board of Health, three year term, W. David Souza; for one spot on the Board of Assessors, three year term, Deb Lalli and Jana Cavanaugh (one year term); for Planning Board, five year term, Arnie Johnson; for two spots with Plumb Library, three year term, Phoebe Butler and Rhonda Reints; for Cemetery Commission, three year term, David Shaw; for Park Commission, three year team, David Sylvia; for Water Commission, three year term, Fred Underhill; for two Rochester School Committee positions, three year terms, Meagan Bennett and Anne Fernandes; and for the three-year ORR School Committee position there are no candidates.


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