Town House Building Committee presents floor plans

Mar 15, 2017
Courtesy of: T2 Architects An aerial view of the proposed plan.

Marion — After the Town House Building Committee presented a $12 million renovation plan for the historic Town House, it was met with backlash from residents over the price. The committee went back to the drawing board and presented more options at a public forum in January. Residents favored an $8 million renovation that would remove the back annex of the building and would not add a meeting room, leaving the building at 11,255 square feet. The plan would also leave the door open for an addition in the future.

Although residents still want to know how much it would cost to construct a new building at the VFW site, the committee currently favors the renovation option and shared the schematics (below) of the proposed floor plans. Basement floor plans and an aerial view graphic are available on

(Courtesy of: T2 Architects)
Basement floor plans. (Courtesy of: T2 Architects)
First floor. (Photo by: T2 Architects)
Second floor. (Courtesy of: T2 Architects)
Third floor. (Courtesy of: T2 Architects)
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Posted by: Ted North | Mar 16, 2017 23:16


Taxpayers need to approve an independent review of Town House options at the May Town Meeting. It’s clear the Town House Committee has designed what a small group of preservationist’s want as a pet project and not what taxpayer need for efficient town office space. The Capital Committee’s forecast lists approximately $30,000,000 in projects during a 36-month forecast window.  Many of these sewer and water projects are necessary and will need to be paid for by substantial tax, sewer and water rate increases.

 The Town House Committee fails to tell taxpayers the true cost of the Town House project should be forecasted at $12 million because it will have included approximately $3.5 to $4 million in financing costs depending on rates. The cost of issuance of the debt to finance the project will be about $150,000 another cost the Town House Committee has neglected to consider. The Town House Committee needs to find 1,000 Town House supporters who are each willing to write a $10,000 check payable to the Town House Restoration Project and take their overly designed  project off the back of Marion taxpayers.

Ted North, Marion

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