Trouble at ORR

By Tanner Harding | Sep 02, 2017
Courtesy of: Old Rochester Regional High School A cheerleader poses with Trouble the bulldog for the 1969 yearbook.

Mattapoisett — She was a fixture at Old Rochester Regional High School football games. Named "Trouble," her reputation preceded her.

She was stout, but muscular. She walked with a wide gait. Her hair, despite its snow-white hue, implied nothing about her age.

And nobody cared that she drooled.

Trouble was ORR's official mascot -- a real, live, clearly doted-upon bulldog. According to the 1969 Triad yearbook, she attended all home games and “promoted incentive for our teams.”

There are at least 13 different bulldog paintings throughout the building now -- perhaps paying homage to the real Trouble. A current campaign to design a logo and settle on one version of the pup had some recently reminiscing about her.

“In eighth grade I remember the dog coming to the games,” said Kim Corazzini, an ORR alum and current nurse at the school. “There was a lot of excitement about it. I can envision [her] at the goal posts…but I don’t know where [she] came from.”

The pooch was housed in the custodian’s workroom during school days, and spent vacations and weekends at various people’s houses. Each month, a different class had the duty of feeding, walking and caring for her.

Yearbook photos show Trouble receiving her first bath, students posing with her at football games, and the pup posing with students named "most school spirited."

Sippican Week couldn't confirm many of the details about Trouble's time at ORR, though the photos indicate that she arrived at the school during puppyhood and was a loved member of the school family.

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Would it even be a school spirit photo without mascot Trouble? (Courtesy of: Old Rochester Regional High School)
(Courtesy of: Old Rochester Regional High School)
(Courtesy of: Old Rochester Regional High School)
Even school mascots have to bathe... (Courtesy of: Old Rochester Regional High School)
(Courtesy of: Old Rochester Regional High School)
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