Unconnected houses in Marion will have their water cut

By Andrea Ray | Apr 18, 2017
Photo by: Andrea Ray Marion Town Administrator Paul Dawson discusses households that remain unconnected to Marion's new water meters

Any houses remaining unconnected to Marion's "new" water meters will have their water shut off if they don't act quickly.

Town Administrator Paul Dawson requested that the Selectmen approve the measure, to curb the 27 remaining households who have not yet connected to water meters that Marion issued nine years ago.

"How are you billing these people?" asked Selectmen Stephen Cushing.

"Frankly, it's estimation at this point," Dawson said. He noted that each bill the 27 households receive also contains a $50 non-compliance fee, which adds up to an extra $200 per year.

The Selectmen approved the measure, which means that the unconnected households will receive an official mailing informing them that their water is being shut off for non-compliance. They will have 14 days before shut-off to contact the Water Department and make arrangements for a meeting.

Selectman Stephen Gonsalves commiserated with the unconnected households to a point. "I get it, I do. Up until two years ago, I was still unconnected. Time flies, things happen," he admitted. "But the connection takes 15 minutes. It's been 9 years. We need to get this done."

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