Vote 'no' on Marion's Article 36

Apr 28, 2017

To the Editor:

Our small town is under attack – again. Article 36 proposes to remove land zoned Commercial and Limited Industrial in order to add land to the Multi-family classification.

Strike one: We have seen this proposal before – many times. The proposal to add high density housing at this location has been defeated at Town Meeting twice and a third time was pulled by the Planning Board. The last trip to Town Meeting garnered less than 50 percent of the vote. (66 percent is required for passage) To bring this proposal back displays a lack of respect for Town Meeting.

Strike two: We will lose a prime spot for commercial purposes. The site is highly suited for commercial use as it has what commercial sites need – traffic. This proposal prohibits commercial use in this prime location.

Strike three: This is high density housing. Residence E is specifically intended for “low-density multifamily housing to facilitate affordable housing…” Compare the 100 unit 40B project on the adjacent 33 acres with the 38 possible units on the just over 3 acres in the proposed district. If the 40B project matched this density, it would have 390 units! This is the highest housing density in town - not low density housing, as the by-law intends. If you want to keep the small town feeling of Marion, then you have to keep it a small town.

Vote No on Article 36.

John Rockwell


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