Wareham Gatemen Visit Sippican Elementary for First Reading Program of the Season

By Wareham Gatemen | Jun 12, 2018
Photo by: Caroline O'Connor Wareham Gatemen players Ken Waldichuck (Left) and Dante Baldeli (Right) read to the students of Ms. Emily Condry's fourth grade class.

The Wareham Gatemen visited Sippican Elementary Tuesday morning, June 12, for the first Gatemen reading program of the season. This was the first time ever the Gatemen visited Sippican Elementary for its reading program.

Principle Evelyn Rivet and Vice-Principle Sarah Goerges spoke about the impact the Gatemen players had while reading to the students.

“Anytime you can make the connection between sports and college, I think that makes a great impact on our students, especially since more of our students are sporty,” Rivet said.

Goerges added that, “just modeling reading for our more sports-interested students also leaves a big impact on them too.”

“When [the students] see that in action with the players reading to them I hope they can see the connection between sports and college,” Rivet said. “It makes a world of difference for so many of them to have this kind of experience and meet these players.”

The Gatemen players read to all grade levels, from kindergarten to fifth grade, while at Sippican Elementary. The morning started with the lower grade levels and finished with the higher grade levels.

The players spent roughly 20 minutes in each class starting with a reading of a short book. After the reading, the players opened it up to questions from the students. A few popular questions each classroom was anxious to ask each player were what their favorite baseball team was, what position they played, and how many home runs they have hit.

Rivet said she personally hoped the students learned that, “even when you are good at something, it is still important to reach out to the community and do community service.”

Rivet added about the Gatemen, “just because these are gifted, talented athletes they still understand there is a whole world out there for them to connect with and do good things for.”

Overall, Rivet and Goerges said they were pleased with the players and they acted as good role models for the students.

The group of Gatemen players who read to students this time was Gian Martellini, Luke Roskam, Oliver Dunn, Dante Baldeli, Justin Glover, Thomas Miller, Anthony Romanelli, Ken Waldichuck, and Will Proctor.

The Gatemen continue the reading program next Wednesday, June 20, at Rochester Memorial.

For Gatemen baseball action, the Gatemen begin the season in Chatham tonight, June 12, at 7pm against the Chatham Anglers. The Gatemen home opener is tomorrow night, June 13, at 6:30pm against the Harwich Mariners on Spillane Field.

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