By acrosstheborder | Jul 29, 2013

CHEM TRAILS have finally been laid out in abundance over OUR heads. The spraying has finally, and noticeably,  reached our corner of the United States. This is beyond NOT GOOD.


This weekend, especially Saturday, for anyone looking up-ward saw the continuous crisscrossing of eerily UNMARKED large white planes spraying plumes of chemicals in perfect geometric patterns in the BLUE SKY above.


NO, these are NOT CON TRAILS.


The plume consists of BARIUM, ALUMINUM and other metal NANO-particles/particulates and MICRO-DUST lethal pathogens and reconstituted MOLD and FUNGI.


The combination of HAARP (TESLA device) like systems US and WORLD WIDE (lifting the Ionosphere), "seeding of the atmosphere" (making clouds that create the fronts to violent/seemingly instant violent storms), GWEN towers to broadcast microwaves (at 2.4 GHZ) to disturb the human body's ability to innately converse within itself (water is the micro-superconductor at the molecular level that is interrupted), and the CHEM TRAILS which 1) defoliate nature (plant life) thus reducing the night time oxygen return by said plaint life, 2) cause respiratory problems for humans (COPD, Asthma, etc) and 3) the blocking out of the Sun's UV light (Vitamin D-3 absorption... the KEY to Human Immunology-- YES, SUNBLOCK is killing you used foolishly)... all lead to...

The goal: POPULATION REDUCTION... hidden behind Agenda 21, Homeland Security and FEMA. ERADICATION OF "USELESS EATERS"


The DISTRACTION: Media controlled BullS..T TV... Gun Control, the economy and "NEWSFLASH" headlines about celebrities and bad people, combined with a busy day feeding the kids, making "end-meet" and the simple pleasure of private decompressing time... Don't bother me mentally or physically... I'm tired.


PAY ATTENTION: For your/OUR children. Most of the aliments and afflictions the children have are MAN-MADE.


ONE LAST THING: GMO foods are DNA modified to change HUMAN DNA for the worst. MONSANTO (just protected by an Obama signed BILL ( ) allows Monsanto to engineer proprietary SEEDS that work in conjunction with all listed in PARAGRAPH 5 above they by synchronizing the DEADLY EFFECT.


Killing us slowly... NO HANDGUNS, NO ASSAULT WEAPONS, NO "TERRORISM" ... it's a fact. Don't waste your time on GUN CONTROL... IT IS NOT THE WEAPON(S) OF CHOICE.


It is simply the ELITES coming after the "USELESS EATERS".  SPOT EUGENICS, GENOCIDE are pale in contrast to this BIG PICTURE.


EDUCATE YOURSELF... for your kids sake.


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