Wellspring Farm is a positive place

Apr 11, 2017

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the April 5, 2017 article in the Sippican Week regarding Wellspring Farm. Wellspring Farm has always cooperated with both local and state officials. The following summary highlights this cooperation:


  • On October 25, 2001 the Rochester Zoning Board of Appeal (“ZBA”) determined that Wellspring Farm was authorized to operate under the zoning bylaws.
  • Pursuant to a complaint filed by one neighbor, in 2016 Wellspring Farm again went before the ZBA to allow its operations to continue;
  • On September 8, 2016 the ZBA again determined that Wellspring Farm could continue to operate. The ZBA required reasonable restrictions that were mainly proposed by Wellspring Farm in its effort to be a good neighbor.

Wellspring Farm provides therapy using its agricultural and natural setting that is truly unique.

The current ADA complaint is another desperate attempt filed by a disgruntled neighbor who was disappointed by the ZBA’s decision in Wellspring Farm’s favor.

The people who use and benefit from Wellspring Farm’s agricultural and natural setting love this facility and have not raised any ADA compliance issues. If a client ever expressed concern about handicapped access to its facility, Wellspring Farm would immediately fix the problem.

Wellspring Farm is working cooperatively with the Architectural Access Board to resolve the ADA complaint. While frustrating and unfair, negative press generated by the efforts of a disgruntled neighbor will not deter Wellspring Farm from providing such vital benefits to so many vulnerable children. Wellspring Farm is committed to continued operations because of the children it serves and the overwhelming support from their parents/guardians.


George H. Boerger, Esq.

Attorney for Wellspring Farm, LLC.

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