Zoning Board waits to approve additional room at B&B

By Tanner Harding | Sep 22, 2016

Marion — The Marion Zoning Board of Appeals met again with Kate and Ryan Hill of Silvershell Inn to discuss the possibility of changing the special permit that the couple’s bed and breakfast operates under.

The bed and breakfast, located on Front Street, was originally granted a special permit to operate as a two-bedroom accommodation. After construction was completed to add additional bathrooms, the Hills are looking to change that permit so they can rent and additional bedroom.

After some confusion at the previous meeting in August about which rooms would be for rent, the Hills and their attorney Dick Schaefer cleared that up for the board.

“There are four bedrooms in the house, but we will close one off,” Schaefer said. “The upstairs room will be closed off for eight months of the year, and the downstairs room will be closed off for four months.”

The Hills stated that the room on the top floor was unsuitable to rent out during the colder months, so during those months the downstairs bedroom would be for rent.

Schaefer also addressed the board about the criteria for the special permit, saying that the traffic flow will not be impacted, the utilities are available for the third bedroom and that they are going to speak with the water and sewer commissioners to make sure there are no problems with the additional usage.

“The bylaws do allow the establishment of B&Bs up to three rooms, and we think we meet every one of the criteria,” he said.

At the last meeting, the Hills also read aloud a letter from the Board of Health, which stated that they did not have any objections to the approval of the permit. The couple has also been in contact with Building Commissioner Scott Shippey, who said he was OK with switching which rooms were available in the summer, as long as he was kept updated on a month-to-month basis.

The board said they wanted to speak to Shippey, and that the hearing would continue at the next meeting on Oct. 13.

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